About Your WordPress Dashboard

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About Your WordPress Dashboard

Congratulations, you have successfully created your free WordPress blog!

Take note of your login page’s URL. It usually goes like this: blogURL/wp-login.php. For example, http://amyblogging.wordpress.com/wp-login.php

Each time you log in to your blog, you have to enter your email address or username and password and click on ‘Log In’.

Now it is time to get to know the important elements of your WordPress dashboard so that you will have a smooth blogging experience.

For starters, your dashboard will look like this:

Among the things that you can do right from your WordPress blog’s dashboard are write a post, adjust the general settings, update your profile and select your blog theme.

On the left side of the dashboard, you can see a menu with a list of tabs such as Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments, Feedback, Appearance, Tools, Settings and more. From these features, you are able to control the way your blog functions and looks.

At the top of your dashboard, there is a menu bar where you can see the name of your blog. When you hover your cursor over your blog name, a drop down menu appears. From there, you have shortcuts to write a post, reply to comments, customize your blog theme and manage the widgets on your blog.

On the right side of the top menu bar of your dashboard, you will see your username. Hover your cursor over it and a drop down menu appears as well. From there you can find friends on social media, manage your blog(s) under the username and to sign out of your blog’s admin page.

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