An Introduction to WordPress

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An Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and it is one of the most popular platforms around for users to create blogs or websites and publish content.

Originally released in 2003, WordPress is now the most opted choice as a blogging tool for millions of users around the world.

This publishing platform is available in fully hosted and self-hosted versions.

The user who signs up for this free, fully hosted version would not need to pay hosting and domain fees. Publishing content here is also free for as long as the user maintains his account. Upon signing up for a blog here, the URL would have the “” extension, for example,

With this self-hosted version, the user needs to find a web host and also buy a domain name that is available. Once the user has signed up for a web hosting package, the WordPress software script has to be downloaded before the blog or website can go ‘live’ online.

Why choose WordPress for your blog or website

WordPress is being used as a platform for publishing content by millions of individuals, companies and organizations worldwide. It has the necessary features and tools to create blogs and websites of all kinds, though the self-hosted version would have more features and advantages.

If users also ever encounter any problems with the tools and functions of WordPress, the support team is ready to be of help. Users can also participate in the WordPress forums to connect and communicate with fellow WordPress users for tips and suggestions.

How WordPress works

It is easy to understand the way WordPress works and you can get the hang of it with practice. It is essentially a blogging platform where you create content by writing text or uploading images and videos.

Also remember to choose a theme that goes well with the subject of your blog and install plugins to add new features for your WordPress site.

Examples of blogs and websites using WordPress
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