Managing the Comments and Discussion Settings on Your Blog

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Managing the Comments and Discussion Settings on Your Blog

A blog becomes livelier when visitors post comments on blog posts. You, as the author of your blog posts, can reply to those comments as well. In time, you would have gotten to know your blog visitors better and have more meaningful engagements with them.

Whenever there is a new comment on your blog, it would appear in the Comments management section of your admin page.

If you have opted to moderate comments before they are published on your blog, all pending comments will appear on this page first. You have the options to send comments to Spam and Trash as well.

When replying to your visitors’ comments, you can do so by hovering over their comment and clicking on ‘Reply’. A text box will appear for you to write your reply to the comment.

For further management of the comments, go to Settings -> Discussion where you can tweak the settings according to your preferences.

You can choose to be notified if any blogs have linked to your post and if there are any pingbacks and trackbacks from other blogs.

A subsection in the Discussion Settings page is centred on Avatars. You can control how the avatars of your blog commenters are displayed on your blog.

There is a set of generated avatars that you select for those visitors who do not have a custom avatar.

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