WordPress Menus

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WordPress Menus

One of the important features of a good blog would be the navigational menu usually found at the top of the page, either above or below the header. When such a navigational menu is available, blog visitors would have no trouble accessing the other pages and sections of the blog.

It is also a good thing to keep in mind about the types of navigational links to place in the Menu bar. The links on the Menu bar usually leads to various pages on the blog.

To be able to control what to display on the Menu bar, access the Menus page by first opening up the Dashboard, then go to Appearance -> Menus.

The ‘Menus’ page will then open. Here, you can manage the pages that you want to include in the Menu bar.

If you have many pages that you want to include in the Menu bar, one way to avoid making it look too cluttered is by making use of a multi-level menu.

Drag certain pages and place them in those pages that you would make as the main section heading. Those pages that have been dragged would subsequently become sub-items.

A multi-level menu works when the cursor hovers over the main section heading and a drop down menu would then appear.

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