WordPress Widgets and Sidebars

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WordPress Widgets and Sidebars

Blogs have something called ‘sidebars’ and they are usually at either side of a blog’s layout. Some blogs have one sidebar while others prefer to have two of them. Some even prefer not to use sidebars at all.

The blogger can be in control of the information that goes on the sidebars via the Widgets management page. To access the Widgets page, open up the Dashboard, then go to Appearance -> Widgets.

On the Widgets page, there is a selection of widgets that you can use to enhance your blog. The Sidebar columns are on the right side of the management page.

If you want to use any of the widgets, you would have to activate them by dragging the chosen widget to your preferred sidebar(s). Another method of activating a widget is to click on it and manage the settings.

To deactivate any widgets, drag the widgets out of the sidebar and they will no longer appear on the blog.

There are many choices of widgets for you to choose to use on your blog. Widgets on your blog’s sidebar can be absolutely useful for your visitors when they need to navigate around your blog for further information.

The widgets that are usually used on a blog’s sidebar are such as ‘Search’, ‘Recent Posts’, ‘Recent Comments’, ‘Calendar’ and ‘Archives’.

It is important to try to keep the blog visitor on your blog for as long as possible and having helpful links and information is among them. You can choose to list them out in the sidebar where they can be easily seen.

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