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* – Every support plan is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase. The time required for the fulfillment of every support request is estimated individually.

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Our Services

Theme installation
Need help with WordPress theme setup? Save your time and let us do it for you. We will upload a chosen theme and will perform a demo content install on your WordPress installation.
Security updates
Keeping your WordPress site up-to-date is key for its proper functioning and uptime. We will update your plugins themes and WordPress safely and properly.
Speed optimization
We will not only install and set up the needed tools for optimizing your website performance, but we will also give you recommendations on content management and hosting choice.
Small jobs
Whether you need to fix bugs in your theme or make small changes on your website, like updating content or some design elements, we are ready to do it for you.
Website Backups
You should not only rely on the hosting backups. We will help you set up additional regular backups for security reasons, so you will always know that your data are safe.
Website migration
Need to migrate your WordPress site to a new domain or a new server? No problem! We will make sure the migration will run fast, completely and securely.
eCommerce Support
Woocommerce websites come with advanced functionality, that requires much time and resources for management. We will configure Woocommerce plugins and will consult you on further improvement of your shop.
Malware cleanup
If your website happened to be hacked, no worries, we will scan your website and will perform complete malware removal. Additionally, we will install extra security tools to protect your site in the future.

What Do We Offer

  • You get support on any of the offered services despite the chosen plan.
  • Support plans include a different amount of time allocated for support works.
  • Support plans are limited by time. You can use them for 1 month from the day of purchase.
  • You can claim for support as long as you have the unspent minutes within the paid month.
  • Time spent on resolving issues or making updates depends on the task complexity.
  • If the support time is over before all tasks are done, don't worry, you can buy an extra hour.
  • If the time by your support plan is left, you can spend it on another task.
  • No recurring payments! If the time by your support plan is over, you won't be charged for the next month. But you can buy another support plan once you need it.
  • Malware removal is not included in any support plan. This is a separate task that is estimated for each individual WP site.

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