How to Create Pages in WordPress

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How to Create Pages in WordPress

Besides posts in a blog, there are pages as well that are equally as important. They are static and are not arranged in chronological order. The links to access those pages on your blog are usually found at the top navigational bar or on the sidebar.

For editing purposes, you can access the Pages management page by clicking on the Pages tab on the left side menu in the Dashboard. You will then be brought to the Pages page.

On the Pages page, there will be a list of pages that have already been created for your blog. You can also create new pages from this section as well. The usual topics for Pages are about the blog author, the contact page and other relevant information that the blog author would like to convey to visitors.

To be able to edit the existing pages, click on ‘Edit’.

On the Edit Page section, you may begin writing for the page. The features are almost similar to that of the ‘Add New Post’ page. The different thing about the ‘Edit Page’ page is the ‘Page Attributes’ preferences. The options for the page attributes are Default Template, Front Page Template and Full-Width Page Template (No Sidebar).

Click ‘Update’ once you have finished writing and are ready to publish your page. After clicking ‘Update’, the page will refresh and you can click on ‘View Page’ to see how your published page looks like.

Having pages on your blog is important. With the right kind of information, your visitors will certainly find them useful.

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